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ome of Dr. Realson's patients share their
experiences with her therapy and counseling:


“Until I started working with Dr. Realson, I never was able to make the connections between my need to overeat and my childhood experiences. Learning how to deal with my feelings in healthier ways enabled me to change my eating behaviors. As a result, not only did I lose weight, but I made significant changes in many other areas of my life, which I might have never made, because of this therapy."
—E.M., Great Neck, NY

Randi helped me to be able to communicate with my teen-aged daughter…the role-playing and other techniques she helped me with were invaluable…a real blessing!"
—A.D., Manhasset, NY

"My wife and I are thankful to Randi for how much more satisfying our relationship has become. We learned about and resolved the power conflicts in our marriage. Terrific experience!"
—D.P., Roslyn, NY

"I never knew I could overcome the influence my memories of abuse had on my life. EMDR is a miracle and Dr. Realson's caring and support were so helpful."
—M.M., Bayside, NY

"Everyone should have a Dr. Realson to guide them! I have been able to find a good relationship, improve my career, and feel so much better about myself."
—J.L., Pt. Washington, NY

"When I came to Randi, I was a college drop-out, with an eating disorder and 2 suicide attempts. Now, I am a normal, heathy eater, going to medical school next year! I am so grateful."
—D.R., Great Neck, NY

"After years of losing and gaining weight, working with Dr. Realson helped me to learn how to eat like all my naturally thin friends. I haven't had to worry about my eating or my weight for three years now."
—C.N., Roslyn, NY